Handy Diary - messed up notes

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Handy Diary - messed up notes


Love silly jokes ? Love Music ? you will surely love this Diary!

Messy state of mind where creativity is boosted! Yeh sometimes mess around gives better ideas ... next time your room is messy think of it as random ideas scattered in your room.

Diaries are to be used like that be messy be free, scribble your thoughts like no one is watching!

The cover has the disclaimer- Beware messed up notes inside.

Reasons to buy are many but lets pick top 3:

• Disconnected ideas some times brings in new ideas and here is an example.

• Be open to randomness it bring awesomeness!!

• love wired things 

Clever ways of expressing your mind, moods, hobbies and your personality. Take this unique diary to your next meeting and see how much people will remember you for bringing in colours and ideas to Vanilla meetings.


a5 size 

200 pages

Soft cover rounded corners 

Thoughtful character on inside pages to make you smile on a busy day.