Handy Diary - Computer ki aakh

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Handy Diary - Computer ki aakh



Done with typing on screens? stressed your eyes with computer and mobile screens? you will surely love this Diary!

Classic way of writing is the best way of expressing yourself no technology can replace or fully replicate the joy of writing with hand on physical note book 

If you really think its true this Diary is for you!

Reasons to buy are many but lets pick top 3:

• Computer screens you have screwed my eyes enough!

• Less is more more is less 

• Make your life complex to simple 


Clever ways of expressing your mind. Take this unique diary to your next meeting and see how much people will remember you for bringing in colours and ideas to Vanilla meetings.


a5 size 

200 pages

Soft cover rounded corners 

Thoughtful character on inside pages to make you smile on a busy day.